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Actual Blog Post #1

I had originally intended for this part of my website to be a place where I could post inspiring links / tutorials (because normally I just bookmark them and I have over 300 bookmarks at this point, which makes finding important things hard), but lately I’ve been wanting to write.

I used to write a […]

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Low Poly

So still making the Arabic Club website, and I want to make some sort of cool low-poly mosaic graphic because primary colored(ish) mosaic tile graphics are really popular in Morocco, and I assume other places.

I also kind of want to try low poly for the peacock on my front page but I’m afraid it […]

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Cool photos

I’m currently creating the UNC Arabic Club website, and have been looking for some nice stock images that I could use.

Here are a few links I’ve found that I love: – lots of variety – SO MANY IMAGES YES PLEASE

And a ton more sites mentioned here: – THIS TRIANGLE POLY THING IS ALSO […]

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Sometime in the past year or so, I decided to start bookmarking every tutorial or interesting piece of art that with the intentions of coming back to look at it later (I rarely do). The consequence of this is that I now have 300+ bookmarks, which makes it hard to go back and […]

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