Project Description

I created this coral game for a Spring 2016 class. The class was composed of developers, designers, photographers, videographers, and reporters (about 20 total), and as a group we traveled to Bocas del Toro, Panama over spring break to document stories about the coral reef.

Together, we created a website called Undercurrent 360, which used cutting-edge features (such as 360 video players) to teach about different aspects of the coral reef.

My main contribution to the site was an education coral game intended for an elementary school audience. I coded the game using jQuery, JavaScript, and a JavaScript library called EaselJS and I designed it with the help of several other designers in the class.

Divided by the Sea, another website-based project I designed and developed, also served as a major source of inspiration for Undercurrent’s website.

See my final coral game here, and the full Undercurrent 360 project here.