Project Description

As explained on the website, Divided by the Sea is a collection of multimedia stories about the Mediterranean refugee crisis and its impact on the small city of Reggio Calabria in Southern Italy.

This project initially started out as an independent study during the fall semester but when the class ended, I was hired to continue my work. I worked with one other developer to code the website, and create a map that detailed routes of the refugees.

I was also in charge of design and decided the color scheme, created the logo, designed the website, and made an infographic and an animated graphic for the project.

The Design Process

I was given complete artistic freedom for branding, logo, and web design, though they already had a font chosen for the project.

The Logo

The logo is one of my favorite logos that I created. It was meant to feature the boat many refugees traveled to Italy in, and double as a division symbol as a play off the name Divided by the Sea. I added some water color brushes to make the significance of water even more obvious.

Animated Graphic

I used Illustrator to create a mosque illustration and Photoshop to animate the stars.

Information Graphic

Used icons and lines to visualize the process most refugees have to go through.

The Website

Designed the website with alternating sections – large visuals and text – in order to retain the audience attention longer. Created a menu that disappears when you scroll down in order to immerse the visitor into the stories more than being distracted by the links. The menu reappears when you scroll up or get to the bottom of a story.

View the full project here