Project Description

Over the summer, I was hired by PACT, an international research group at UNC, to create their website.

The website’s purpose was to explain their new app PPD ACT, which was created to gather information about postpartum depression in order to develop new treatments and find a cure.

Since they weren’t going to need to edit the content after it was created, I decided to built it from scratch using Bootstrap instead of a content management system.

Here’s the final product:

As the sole developer and designer on this project, meeting the fast deadlines while managing college and two other jobs was challenging, but rewarding. I was thrilled to see the logo displayed and site linked on sites like the New York Times, Buzzfeed, and more, and happy to be part of such a worthwhile effort.

The Design Process

The Logo

When I was hired, they already knew what kind of logo they wanted and what they wanted in it – mother, baby, DNA, and world. I struggled with creating a logo that offered all of those aspects, but was able to design a product they liked. The border is repeating DNA, and the circular nature of the logo was intended to suggest a world.

The Website
I had much more freedom with designing and creating the site. My main goal with this site was ensuring it was easy to navigate and understand. I also wanted to make sure the site looked good on phones, since I thought busy mothers would probably not have time to view this on a desktop. Another main consideration of mine was to ensure the large amount of content didn’t drive readers away. In order to keep the visitor’s attention for as long as possible, I tried to separate text into easily-read chunks and use graphics and alternating colors to make large amounts of context seem less like an intimidating amount of text.

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