Project Description

For my Advanced Multimedia Programming class, I made an application that used a JSON file (2500+ lines!) I wrote to show information about the Senate Race – contested states, uncontested state, current senators and information about the candidates. we had an assignment to create our own JSON file and build an AngularJS app that used it.

The requirements for the assignment are as follows:

  • Project should start by displaying the Senate seating chart. It should show all seats, available and
    unavailable. This could be in list format or graphically represented.
  • The application will be populated by an external JSON file that is loaded over AJAX.
  • Seats, represented by rows or graphics, should be colored for the party that holds them. Open seats should be highlighted and clickable.
  • Users are able to click on an open seat to see the competing candidates. Each candidate should have a bio, photograph and major platform points.
  • Your seats (or states) should be sortable in some fashion. The user should be able to click and change the way that the steats or states are displayed. This should help the user to digest and
    access the information.
  • Project must include a credits link with your credit and source attribution.
  • Project should be professionally designed and responsive.

View the finished app
See the project’s GitHub