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Butterfly Project

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Butterfly Project

I’ve always loved butterflies, and in my final semester of college, I had the opportunity to create two projects about […]

Coral Game

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I created this coral game for a Spring 2016 class. The class was composed of developers, designers, photographers, videographers, and reporters […]

Senator Race

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For my Advanced Multimedia Programming class, I made an application that used a JSON file (2500+ lines!) I wrote to show […]

Fisherman’s Wharf

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This was the final project for my Intermediate Multimedia class and it involved learning APIs. I really enjoyed working on this […]

PACT website

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Over the summer, I was hired by PACT, an international research group at UNC, to create their website.

The website’s purpose […]


An assignment for my infographic class – we were told to color in the turtle based on the following photo:

He […]

Shark Illustration

For our first assignment in the infographic class, we were given free reign. Remembering the high amount of shark attacks NC […]

American Idol Infographic

For my information graphics class, we were assigned an American Idol infographic. We were told to focused on the winners of […]



For HackNC this year, we decided to have a Grand Budapest Hotel theme. Keeping that in mind, I modeled this graphic […]

Polyjuice Potion

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This was a super fun assignment for my Advanced Multimedia class. We were allowed to choose the topic, so I decided […]

Sunup to Sundown


This was a project for my UX/UI class. We were given some farm articles to read to understand more about farming, […]



This was an assignment for my Advanced Multimedia class. We were given an image and told to create a website that […]

The Name Game

This was the first assignment for my UX/UI class, meant to see show much experience with have in Adobe Illustrator.

The only […]

The Power of CSS3


In my Intro to Multimedia class last fall, we had an assignment to pick a short poem and then change the […]

Poster Project v1

I created this poster in my Intro to Graphic Design course for a women hackathon at UNC.

We had to create […]

Poster Project v2

This was the second poster I created for my Intro to Graphic design class in Fall 2014.

I struggled with creating a […]

Powering a Nation Redesign


This was for a project from my Intro to Multimedia class. We had to redesign this website:

It was created […]

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